109LAY: A Bioclimatic House in Spain

Experience 109LAY, a modern masterpiece in Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain, envisioned by Vallribera Arquitectes. Born from a family’s desire for a nature-inspired retreat during the pandemic, this two-story house blends traditional charm with bioclimatic innovation. Nestled on a street with a small-town feel, 109LAY offers a private, serene setting. Its design features exposed beams and rustic tiles, capturing the essence of summer vacations in a cozy, efficient urban home.

This architectural jewel in Cornellà reflects a perfect balance of nostalgic warmth and modern living.

Minimalist interior with terracotta ceiling, white walls, staircase, and indoor

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, wooden ceiling, and dining table.


Modern kitchen with white cabinets, terracotta ceiling vaults, and a view

Modern dining room with exposed wooden ceiling beams, a wooden table, white walls,

Minimalist interior with wooden stairs and terracotta ceiling vaults.


Minimalist bedroom with terracotta ceiling beams, white walls, and a door

Minimalist bedroom with exposed brick ceiling and simple furnishings.

Modern bathroom with white vanity, terracotta ceiling tiles, and hexagonal floor

Bright balcony with wooden floor and slatted screens, glass balustrade, and

Interior patio with glass roof, brick walls, and wooden accents.

Modern two-story building facade with wooden slat upper level and gray garage.

About 109LAY

Creating a Dream Home in Cornellà

Amid the pandemic’s challenges, a Cornellà family reached out to us. Accustomed to weekend escapes, the lockdown curtailed their adventures. Consequently, they envisioned their home as a daily nature retreat. We swiftly located a perfect city plot, nestled in a quaint street lined with apartment buildings. Trusting us, they embarked on realizing their dream.

Designing for Privacy and Space

In the schematic design phase, we actively reimagined the house’s position. Setting it back from the street, we achieved several goals. Firstly, we reduced the built area while maximizing depth. Additionally, we ensured privacy from neighboring buildings. Importantly, this design created a south-facing outdoor space, incorporating a porch and a camper van parking area.

A Harmonious Ground Floor Layout

The ground floor, designated for communal activities, divides into three distinct zones. An interior space combines the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Meanwhile, the exterior space features a garden and outdoor seating. Finally, an adaptable porch-greenhouse at the entrance doubles as a multifunctional area.

Private Spaces and Traditional Influences

Upstairs, we reserved space for private rooms: two terraced bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom. During design development, clients desired ceilings reminiscent of their favorite vacation homes. We opted for traditional construction with a twist. Concrete beams and Mallorcan-style ceramic vaults span a 6-meter (nearly 20 feet) gap, avoiding pillars and blending old and new styles seamlessly.

Bioclimatic Design and Energy Efficiency

Bioclimatic principles guided the design process. For instance, the north-side garden serves as a summer patio. Conversely, the south-side greenhouse becomes a winter haven. Utilizing sunlight, it warms the house in colder months. In warmer weather, it ensures natural ventilation. Additional solar protection comes from the porch and various shading devices. Insulation and floor structure maintain comfortable year-round temperatures, minimizing reliance on air conditioning. Furthermore, rainwater collection systems reduce water usage, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

In conclusion, our clients now cherish a Cornellà home that embodies their summer holiday memories. Simultaneously, we take pride in crafting spaces that resonate with happiness and tranquility.

Photography by José Hevia

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– by Matt Watts