Arboreal House: A Modern Retreat in the Tahoe Sierras

Discover the Arboreal House, designed by MacCracken Robinson Architects in 2023, nestled in the United States’ picturesque Tahoe region. This house stands as a masterpiece of modern architecture, harmoniously blending with its forest surroundings. The design emphasizes a seamless indoor/outdoor connection, employing natural materials like cedar and oak to enhance its tranquil, luxurious ambiance. Perfect for nature lovers seeking a serene retreat, the Arboreal House elevates sustainable living to new heights.

Modern house with large windows surrounded by pine trees.

Contemporary kitchen with wood finishes and black accents.

Contemporary kitchen with wooden ceiling, pastel cabinetry, and white island.


Contemporary dining room with large windows overlooking a forest.

Modern staircase with a person descending, wood accents, and large windows.

Contemporary bathroom with sleek white tub and forest view.


Modern house with large windows surrounded by trees at dusk.

Contemporary house with large windows nestled among tall trees.

Modern two-story wooden house with large windows surrounded by trees at dusk.

Modern two-story house with large windows and balcony, nestled among trees.

About Arboreal House

Introducing Arboreal House: A Symphony of Design and Nature

Designed by the visionary MacCracken Robinson Architects in 2023, Arboreal House emerges as a premium dwelling, harmonizing with the Tahoe landscape, United States. Visiting the site first under winter’s embrace, the architects found inspiration in the serene beauty of snow-draped forests, setting the stage for a home that melds seamlessly with nature.

This retreat, envisioned for homeowners with a love for the Sierras, offers an unparalleled blend of architecture and the natural world. The home unfolds as a series of interconnected spaces, enriching the living experience with diverse sensory encounters across its landscape.

A Design Rooted in Transparency and Sustainability

Arboreal House stands as a testament to innovative use of natural light and materials. Expansive glass panels forge a tangible connection to the outdoors, while cedar, oak, and fir echo the surrounding forest’s tranquility. The design reverently incorporates two giant fir trees, crafting a home that not only respects but celebrates its environment.

Sustainability is central to Arboreal House. Features like radiant heating, solar panels, and operable windows for passive cooling exemplify modern, eco-friendly living. Even the structural elements, from thermally broken steel beams to fire-resistant materials, underscore a commitment to both aesthetics and environmental stewardship.

An Experience Elevated

The residence reaches new heights with cantilevered volumes, evoking the sensation of a luxurious treehouse amidst evergreens. This design choice enhances the home’s dialogue with nature, offering vantage points that immerse inhabitants in the serene Tahoe expanse.

Arboreal House is more than a home; it’s a retreat that balances the spirit of Lake Tahoe’s landscape with cutting-edge design and sustainability. It invites dwellers to live in harmony with nature, in a space where every detail underscores the beauty of connection to the earth and to each other.

Photography by Adam Potts

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– by Matt Watts