Bouda Černá Voda: A Cozy Krkonoše Getaway Designed by Mar.s Architects

Discover the enchanting Bouda Černá Voda, a 2017 marvel by Mar.s Architects in Černá Voda, Krkonoše, Czech Republic. This unique cottage blends modern minimalist design with the warmth of rustic simplicity, offering breathtaking valley views and a serene retreat in the picturesque Czech mountains.

Cozy wood-paneled cabin with floor-to-ceiling windows, rustic furnishings, and fireplace.

A cozy wood-paneled interior with distinctive red glass pendant lights and a scenic window.


Minimalist wooden cabin interior with black cabinetry and unique staircase design.

Hexagonal tile pattern on bathroom wall surrounds a round mirror framing a wooden shelf.

A dark wooden cabin with a sloped roof, firewood stacked underneath, and a snowy winter landscape.


A contemporary black cabin nestled in a snowy, wooded landscape with bare trees and a blue sky.

A modern, black-clad cabin against a snowy, forest backdrop, with a warm glow from the interior windows.

About Bouda Černá voda

An Architectural Gem in the Heart of Krkonoše

Nestled in the snow-draped landscape of Černá Voda, Krkonoše, the Bouda Černá Voda emerges, a testament to the innovation of Mar.s Architects. Conceived in 2017, this compact cottage defies convention, standing apart on a meadow, gently cradled by towering trees and the murmuring Kolben and Černá Voda streams. Its black aluminum cladding yields a stark, yet mesmerizing contrast against the white of the snow, inviting visitors to experience the intersection of modern design with rustic simplicity.

Stepping Inside: A Fusion of Warmth and Minimalism

As guests transition from the biting chill into the welcoming embrace of the cottage, they’re greeted by an interior where functionality dances with coziness. The living room, defined by its light wood finishes and expansive windows, offers uninterrupted views of the wintry valley—a captivating spectacle that unfurls below the peaks of the Sněžka mountain. Efficiently partitioned, this space reveals a kitchenette adorned in stark black, creating a visual anchor that highlights the room’s airy ambiance.

A Mezzanine Retreat Above All

Above the living quarters, a snug sleeping mezzanine looms, accessible via a staircase seemingly sculpted from the very fabric of the space. Guarded by a protective net, this lofted haven promises a serene respite amidst the architectural symphony of wood and light. The entire dwelling encapsulates the brief of providing transient accommodation without sacrificing the essence of a home away from home, leaving guests with a tranquil echo of their stay in the serene outskirts of Horní Malá Úpa.

Photography by BoysPlayNice
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– by Matt Watts