Casa Banyan: Luxury Retreat in Tamarindo

Casa Banyan, a luxurious house in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, designed in 2021 by LSD Architects, offers a modern retreat blending nature and luxury. Experience the seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces and tranquil personal retreats within this architectural gem.

Modern home with geometric design and green plant balconies.

Modern kitchen with wooden ceiling opening to a patio with tropical view.

Elegant kitchen with rich wooden ceiling and ocean view.


Modern bedroom interior with wooden ceiling, sliding glass door, and tropical view.

Modern bedroom with wooden ceiling, white walls, and minimalist furniture.

Modern bathroom with walk-in shower and large window beside a double vanity.


Sleek open dining space with wooden ceiling and tropical view.

Open-concept home blending indoor/outdoor spaces with palm trees.

Modern house with wooden overhangs surrounded by lush greenery.

Modern house with illuminated interior and poolside at dusk.

About Casa Banyan

Discovering Casa Banyan: A Modern Costa Rican Sanctuary

Nestled in the lush landscape of Tamarindo, Casa Banyan emerges as an architectural gem. Crafted in 2021 by LSD Architects, its bold design pays homage to nature and luxury. The home’s striking exterior showcases cascading greenery set against geometric lines, inviting guests into a serene realm.

Effortless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Inside, the open-plan living area presents a seamless transition to outdoor living spaces, embodying Costa Rica’s balmy ethos. Expansive glass doors retract, blurring boundaries and revealing tropical vistas. The rich wooden ceiling overhead warms the space, guiding residents from the sleek kitchen with its state-of-the-art appliances to the elegant dining area, bathed in natural light.

Personal Retreats within a Home

Ascending to private quarters, the master bedroom offers a tranquil escape, punctuated by panoramic views and minimalist decor. Next, a cozy guest room combines comfort with style, leading to an ensuite where sophistication meets spa-like serenity. Throughout Casa Banyan, LSD Architects’ vision of blending modern living with the wild beauty of Costa Rica comes to life, one space at a time.

Photography courtesy of LSD Architects
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– by Matt Watts