Casa della Fonte: Tuscan Farmhouse Renovation in Impruneta

Situated in the picturesque Tuscan countryside just outside the Chianti region, Casa della Fonte underwent a comprehensive renovation, expansion, and energy efficiency upgrade by the design firm Officina Abitare.

This small house received a complete transformation, with the enclosed loggias and a modest addition creating more livable space to meet the client’s needs. The new interiors were thoughtfully designed to optimize the building’s orientation and connect seamlessly to the stunning surrounding landscape through expansive windows.

A cozy rustic interior with exposed wooden beams, large windows, and a mix of vintage and modern furnishings.

An open-concept living space with exposed wood beams, large windows, and a rustic aesthetic.

Rustic kitchen with wooden ceiling, mint green cabinets, and a wooden countertop.


A cozy rustic bedroom with wooden beams, paneled walls, and a view to the outdoors.

Rustic patio with wooden pergola, outdoor dining area, and scenic countryside view.

Exterior of modern log cabin-style house with wooden stairs, trees, and stone wall.


Rustic Mediterranean-style home with stone walls, wooden beams, and large windows.

A modern, two-story home with a stone foundation, wood-framed exterior, and large windows.

About Casa della Fonte

In the rolling hills of Impruneta, just outside the renowned Chianti region of Florence, stands Casa della Fonte, a thoughtfully renovated and expanded country home that embodies the best of Tuscan architecture and design. Crafted by the talented team at Officina Abitare, this project breathes new life into a once-modest structure, transforming it into a sustainable, energy-efficient sanctuary that seamlessly connects with the breathtaking surrounding landscape.

Harmonizing with Nature

Approached through a lush, tree-lined pathway, the home’s exterior exudes a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The crisp, clean lines of the building’s white facade are softened by the warmth of the wooden roof beams and strategically placed window openings that frame picturesque vistas of the Chianti countryside. A stone retaining wall and steps lead the way to the main entrance, creating a gentle transition between the natural and built environments.

An Inviting Interior Oasis

Step inside, and the home’s contemporary yet cozy atmosphere immediately captivates. The open-concept living, dining, and kitchen areas feature a soothing neutral color palette accented by natural wood tones, creating a serene and welcoming ambiance. Exposed wooden beams and oversized windows flood the spaces with natural light, enhancing the sense of openness and connection to the outdoors.

Culinary Delight in the Kitchen

The kitchen, with its sleek, mint-green cabinetry and striking wooden countertops, is a true chef’s haven. Seamlessly integrated into the open-plan layout, this culinary hub boasts a harmonious blend of modern and rustic elements, inviting the homeowners and their guests to gather and indulge in the joys of Tuscan-inspired cuisine.

Serene Sanctuary in the Bedroom

Transitioning to the private quarters, the bedroom exudes a calming, cocooning atmosphere. Soft textiles, a statement bed frame, and the warm, natural tones of the wooden ceiling and floors create a serene and restful retreat, perfect for unwinding after a day exploring the surrounding countryside.

Harmonious Blend of Old and New

Throughout the home, Officina Abitare has skillfully balanced the preservation of the property’s historic charm with the integration of modern energy-efficient features. The comprehensive renovation included the installation of a high-performance heat pump system and the addition of 6kW of photovoltaic panels, significantly reducing the home’s overall energy consumption and elevating its sustainability credentials.

Embracing the Tuscan Lifestyle

Casa della Fonte is a true embodiment of the Tuscan lifestyle, seamlessly blending the region’s timeless architectural traditions with contemporary comforts and energy-efficient innovations. This beautifully reimagined home offers its owners and guests a serene sanctuary to immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the Chianti countryside, creating lasting memories of la dolce vita.

Photography courtesy of Officina Abitare
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– by Matt Watts