Casa F&V: Explore Modern Refinement in Historic Tuscany

Casa F&V, designed by Archiplan Studio in 2023, redefines the historic farmhouse in Florence, Tuscany. Showcasing a minimalist design infused with sensual materials, this house blends traditional Tuscan aesthetics with contemporary interior sensibilities, embodying an embracing tranquility that resonates with Florence’s heritage.

Modern, minimalist living space with wooden beams, shelving, and arched windows overlooking nature.

A bright, open-concept living space with exposed wooden beams, a cozy sectional sofa, and a dining area.


Spacious interior with arched windows, wooden beams, and a modern dining table set.

A minimalist living room with a stone fireplace, wooden beams, and simple furniture.

White minimalist bedroom with wooden beams, shelves, and a simple wooden chair.


Minimalist bedroom with wooden beam ceiling, built-in shelving, and white bedding.

Rustic wood beam ceiling, arched window, minimalist bedroom design.

A minimalist bathroom with a round mirror, modern vanity, and textured ceiling beams.

Sleek, minimalist bathroom with arched window, wooden vanity, and teal mosaic tiles.

About Casa F&V

The Timeless Charm of Casa F&V

Nestled in the lush Tuscan landscape, Casa F&V emerges from Florence’s outskirts as a paragon of historic reverence and modern design. Conceptualized by Archiplan Studio in 2023, this farmhouse encapsulates elementary geometries enhanced by a tranquil garden’s embrace.

A Harmonious Blend of Exterior Serenity and Interior Sensuality

Approaching the property, the grandeur of traditional Tuscany is palpable. The sturdy stone facade anchors the home in its pastoral setting, dwarfed only by the towering cypress that punctuate the skyline. The entrance warmly invites us to discover the interior’s minimalist splendor. Inside, a voluminous living space unfolds onto a grey sofa, wood-framed chairs, and a dining table bathed in natural light from signature archways. Sensual materials and a neutral palette highlight the spiritual character Casa F&V exudes.

Transitioning from the living area, serenity prevails as we encounter the soft crackle of an age-old fireplace. Its rustic appeal plays counterpoint to the clean lines of nearby modern furniture, a tangible dialogue between past and present. White beams stride across the ceiling, drawing eyes upward, while ambient lighting complements the daylight streaming through large windows.

Intimate Spaces Crafted with Respect for Tradition

As we explore further, each bedroom reveals a sanctuary of calm with built-in wooden shelving and unadorned walls—a respectful nod to the coherent living idea championed by Archiplan Studio. Here, sensual abstraction is not just a design choice but an ethos, encapsulating simplicity as luxury.

The bathrooms are a testament to minimalist beauty; sleek fixtures, round mirrors, and subtle tile work create a refreshing and understated elegance. Each room, a chapter, adds to the story of a house designed not just to behold but to be lived in—a true Tuscan marvel where the confines of time and style cease to exist.

Photography courtesy of Archiplan Studio
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– by Matt Watts