Casa Primeriza: Wood-Clad Interiors with Ocean Views

Nestled in Antofagasta, Chile, Casa Primeriza is a remarkable house designed by Stanaćev-Granados in 2021. This unique property, situated on a sloped terrain with breathtaking Pacific Ocean views, epitomizes seamless indoor-outdoor living.

With a focus on creating diverse living spaces that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, this house showcases a perfect balance between modern design and organic elements, offering a sanctuary that celebrates both family life and the beauty of its setting.

Modern cantilevered house on a hillside covered with shrubs.

Contemporary beach house with large windows at dusk.

Contemporary living room with wooden walls and a minimalist fireplace.


Contemporary beach house interior with expansive ocean view.

Modern room with large windows overlooking the sea, featuring a wooden table and mesh loft

Open-plan living space with expansive glass walls and a high, netted ceiling.


Sleek interior hallway with ocean view and minimalist couch.

Minimalist interior with a netted lounge area and ocean view.

Modern bedroom with large windows overlooking the sea.

Modern beach house with wooden facade and concrete base at sunset.

Contemporary two-story home with glass bridge against a twilight sky.

Coastal garden at twilight with wooden walkway and sea view.

About Casa Primeriza

Captivating Design Concept

Casa Primeriza, a house by Stanaćev-Granados in Antofagasta, Chile, 2021, redefines modern living. Positioned on a sloped terrain, the house maximizes outdoor living with panoramic Pacific Ocean views. The solid concrete base anchors the structure into the land, transitioning seamlessly into the upper floors.

Harmonious Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

With a focus on outdoor living, the design creates various environments and transitional spaces. The wood-clad main living area features floor-to-ceiling windows, offering views of the main terrace, landscaped patio, and entrance patio—a haven for relaxation and connection with nature.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The interior exudes warmth with wood as the primary material, varying in treatment between floors. While the first floor embraces a dark tint absorbing light, the second floor gleams in solid white, reflecting exterior colors. The design seamlessly blends family areas, allowing uninterrupted interactions across different spaces.

Organic Integration with the Terrain

By embracing the topography, the house connects organically to the land. A large terrace extends the living spaces outdoors, merging with the landscape. The playroom on the second floor extends into the exterior, fostering a holistic connection with nature through landscaping interventions.

Protective and Inviting Spaces

Casa Primeriza strategically shields itself from southern winds, offering an intimate sun terrace as the sole exterior space open to the elements. The suspended safety net adds a touch of playfulness, inviting family moments while maintaining safety.

Remote Construction Amid Challenges

Despite the distance, the construction of Primeriza House was meticulously supervised through digital means, reflecting resilience and adaptability amid unforeseen circumstances. This unique house combines innovative design, organic integration, and family-centric spaces, creating a harmonious retreat amidst the Chilean landscape.

Photography by Marcos Zegers
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– by Matt Watts