Collines: Belgium’s Floating Roof House Unveiled

Discover the allure of Collines, a stunning house designed by ERPICUM Architects in 2017, nestled in Belgium. This architectural jewel boasts living spaces with breathtaking views, seamlessly blending into the landscape. Its unique structure features a floating roof slab, wood and stone interiors, and private gardens for an ultimate serene retreat.

Modern glass house with concrete walls surrounded by autumn trees.

Modern glass house with a flat roof by a pond surrounded by autumn trees.

Modern living room with large windows overlooking autumn trees.


Modern room with large windows overlooking autumn trees.

Sleek dining area with panoramic forest views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Modern hallway with wooden walls, floating staircase, and sculpture.


Modern house with flat roof amidst autumn trees.

Contemporary house with large windows at dusk.

Modern house lit up at dusk with trees in the background.

About Collines

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Photography courtesy of ERPICUM Architects
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– by Matt Watts