Concrete Collage Office: Innovative Design in Chatuchak

Collage Design Studio‘s Concrete Collage Office in Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand, exemplifies their pragmatic yet innovative approach to architecture. Confronted with spatial constraints and budgetary challenges, the designers embraced creative solutions, including a post-tension structure and the repurposing of concrete materials, to realize their vision for this three-story office building on an 82-square-meter plot.

A modern, three-story concrete building with a covered garage and lush greenery.

A spacious, industrial-style interior with exposed concrete, brick walls, and minimalist furniture.

Spacious industrial-style office with concrete walls, shelving, and minimalist furnishings.


Exposed concrete walls, wooden floors, industrial lighting, and leather furnishings create a modern, minimalist office space.

Expansive concrete space with wooden displays, shelves, and a person sitting in a chair.

Expansive concrete space with track lighting, cozy seating, and natural elements.


Sleek, modern office space with concrete walls, exposed beams, and large windows.

An open-concept workspace with concrete walls, shelves, and a balcony overlooking a cityscape.

A modern, minimalist hallway with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking lush greenery outside.

A modern building with concrete architecture, featuring cantilevered structures and a classic car in the foreground.

Modern concrete architecture with balcony, glass walls, and an individual in orange robe.

A modern, multi-story concrete building with balconies, large windows, and a car garage.

Modern multi-story building with angular design, large windows, and lush foliage.

About Concrete Collage Office

At Collage Architects, we embrace the art of balancing design philosophy with budgetary constraints. Faced with the challenges of limited space and budget fluctuations, we’ve developed a pragmatic yet innovative approach to architecture.

Overcoming Spatial Limitations

Our three-story office project, situated on a compact 82-square-meter (882-square-foot) plot in Soi Ratchadaphisek 32, Bangkok, required a creative solution. Recognizing the inadequacy of traditional construction methods, we opted for a post-tension structure. This unconventional approach not only facilitated an economy of construction but also augmented the spatial flexibility within the confined space.

Harmonizing with Nature

Mindful of the site’s context, we strategically preserved an existing tamarind tree. By implementing an L-shaped plan, we integrated the staircase as an axial element, fostering both internal and external connectivity. This design choice invites occupants to engage with the natural environment, creating a harmonious blend of architecture and nature.

Celebrating Material Integrity

Embracing a minimalist design ethos, we focused on material integrity and structural clarity to address budgetary limitations and evolving project requirements. Through the repurposing of special-sized concrete blocks from Ayutthaya and the innovative use of prefabricated concrete plant pots, ubiquitous in Thailand, we orchestrated a nuanced interplay of textures and forms.

Embodying the Essence of Collage

Our design approach resonates with the essence of a “collage,” synthesizing disparate elements into a cohesive and meaningful architectural composition. By experimenting with materials and exploring new possibilities, we have created a building that celebrates the purity of concrete, articulating a language of material honesty and simplicity.

This office project stands as a testament to our commitment to inventive problem-solving and a dedication to our craft. It reflects our unwavering focus on contextual responsiveness and tectonic expression, showcasing the transformative power of design in the face of constraints.

Photography by Witsawarut Kekina, Collage Design Studio
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– by Matt Watts