Connections NYT: What is It, How to Play and More

Connections NYT is a unique word puzzle game. The New York Times developed and published the beta phase of this game for PC on June 12, 2023. After Wordle, Connections NYT has become the Times’ most-played game. 

If you are curious about Connections NYT and want to know more about it, you must be warned that Connections New York Times is highly addictive. Even though you are limited to playing just one game daily, you could still spend a lot of time playing it. Since the release of Connections NYT, it went viral in its beta phase among thousands of gamers and users worldwide. 

Tools and Requirements for Connections NYT

  • A computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Internet connection and web browser
  • NYT Games app (optional)

Getting Started

Getting started with Connections NYT is quite simple and easy. First, visit the New York Times Connections page and select the option ‘Play.’ Using a mobile phone will be the best option for you to consider. You do not have to sign up, provide personal details, or take any subscription to play Connections NYT. Instead, New York Times Connections will readily appear there, and you can instantly start playing it. You will be given time till midnight to solve the puzzle on it. Upon failing to do so, a new puzzle will appear.

How to Play Connections NYT: A Step-by-Step Guide

You are not required to subscribe to Connections NYT. All you need to do is visit the official websites of NYT Connections and start playing. Follow this step-by-step guide for your convenience.

1. Open NYT Connections

Other than directing visitors to the Connections NYT website, you can download and install the NYT Games app on your smartphone. Then, you can open it and click ‘Play.’ After this, there will be a ‘How to Play’ pop-up where you will learn about the rules of Connections NYT. You can close it by clicking on the ‘X’ icon. 

2. Access the Board

Each Connections NYT game has 16 words sorted in a 4×4 grid. A player is supposed to organize them into four sets of 4 words by thinking of 4 themes that relate to them. It might sound a little tricky for you at the beginning. Hence, checking out the words and considering the first theme in Connections NYT is better. If you cannot find any theme, click on the ‘Shuffle’ to rearrange the words. Once you find the first theme, you will likely find the second theme, and so on. 

3. Submit and Continue Playing

You should now click the ‘Submit’ option to confirm your selection while playing it. 

If you guess the theme of NYTimes Connections correctly, the four words will be categorized in a single colored label to indicate the difficulty level of the grouping in Connections NYT. According to their increasing difficulties, the four colors are yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each color level contains a bold heading indicating the group name of Connections NYT. 

If you give an incorrect answer, the 4×4 grid will grey out, and you will lose one of the four chances. 

4. View the Results

Once you have used all your chances or submitted all your answers, you can view the results in the grid on Connections NYT. The results will show how was your performance on it.

For instance, if you give the correct answer on your first chance, the first row will have a solid color indicating its level of difficulty. On the other hand, if you get three words correct and one incorrect in your 3rd turn, it will have three blocks of the same color and one block of different colors on Connections NYT.

5. End the Game

Two things could happen while you are playing Connections NYT. You can complete the game successfully, or the game will end automatically because you cannot give correct answers within four moves. After getting the solution and viewing the results, you can end Connections NYT. 

6. Share Your Results

After getting your results, if you wish to share your score or performance with others, click ‘Share Your Results.’ You can share the results of Connections NYT through a social media account or messaging option. Sharing your performance or results with your friends or family may prompt them to play it on their devices.

For playing the game visit here.

Connections NYT: Useful Tips to Win Every Game

Connections NYT is on the constant rise among users around the globe. If you have started playing it but have not had your luck winning, you can check out these tips and hints on the NYT Connections game.

1. Shuffle 

Connections NYT has been designed to confuse you with words. For example, the four words ‘Sponge,’ ‘Bob,’ ‘Square,’ and ‘Pants’ could be in the same game but not meant for the same group. Hence, you need to think out of the box. It is better to shuffle before playing it and grouping the words. It will undoubtedly give you a little mental jug, and you will see these words from a new perspective, which will be beneficial. This is useful Hint Connections.

2. Or Don’t Shuffle at All

But according to some users, shuffling at the beginning kills the hints for playing it. So you can choose not to shuffle because you might have to solve from a chaos board. Some users prefer to leave the board unshuffled and look at the bottom to guess the theme of the words. Looking from bottom to top will be helpful while playing it. 

3. If It Seems Easy, It Probably Is

While checking out the group at first, basic categories like parts of a car, numbers, or colors may seem evident. But if you think it is accessible at first glance, it probably is. In that case, you should rethink it and think of a theme that comes to mind. Nevertheless, it is better to be careful, as Connections NYT always tries to fool its users. 

4. Visualise Compound Words and Phrases

When you see a word, you should try to remember other similar words or compound words that create a theme with it. Thinking of what other phrases or words you can put in behind or in front of the given word will help you group it effectively. Being able to visualize compound words and phrases correctly will help you correctly guess the theme. 

5. Break Down the Big Words

If you come across a compound word, then it will be easier for you to break down the word and correlate it with other parts of other big words given in the puzzle. This is how you can increase your chance of grouping the words in Connections NYT. 

6. Learn from Previous Games

Initially, you will need to correct some things while playing Connections NYT. But the more you play, the better you will get at it. If you encounter a strange word, remember it because it will reappear later. 

7. Keep Trying till the Last

You should always keep going while playing Connections NYT. Keep trying until your fourth attempt. Most of the time, you are highly likely to find the answer on your last and final attempt, so you should not give up. If thinking from one perspective is not enough, try thinking from another. 


Connections NYT is quite an exciting game to play. You will never get bored of playing it. You must constantly think of ways to guess different words and their groupings. It is a lot more than testing your vocabulary. It instead tests your ability to correlate between seemingly unrelated words. Playing Connections NYT will keep your brain sharp. One can play it on different platforms, depending on their preference.