Distracted House: Islamic Values in Modern Architecture

Experience a unique blend of modern architecture and Islamic values at Distracted House, located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed by Ismail Solehudin Architecture in 2023, this religious property offers a communal space for congregational prayer, incorporating traditional joglo roof elements for a natural villa feel.

Contemporary living space with wooden accents and tropical elements.

Contemporary home interior with arched doorway, wooden floors, and lattice wall no

Contemporary interior with wooden accents, mezzanine floor, and floating staircase.


Cozy attic bedroom with a double bed and natural light from a window.

Modern bedroom with patterned ceiling, wooden headboard, and checked bedding.

Contemporary bedroom with arched window overlooking a pool.


Stylish bathroom with wooden accents and rainfall shower.

Narrow outdoor pool with mosaic tiles flanked by orange walls and a wooden deck

Aerial view of a unique red-roofed house among traditional homes with a

Contemporary home with a pool, distinctive arched doorways, and terrac

Contemporary home with pool and unique circular window.

Contemporary house with distinctive terracotta roofs at dusk.

About Distracted House

Unique Design Concept

Distracted House, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a religious property designed by Ismail Solehudin Architecture in 2023. The client’s desire for a messy design led to a distinctive transformation where one room was rotated to face the qiblah, catering to congregational prayer needs. The house features a joglo roof, embracing Islamic values in everyday life.

Spatial Experience and Design Elements

The communal area showcases a spatial mix of communal spaces and organic remnants, providing green areas and natural light integration. The building form highlights the innovative use of a joglo roof, with berunjung structures and clay tile roofing material. Materials like exposed brick and wood create a contemporary yet familiar aesthetic.

Functionality and Purpose

Distracted House is designed to accommodate congregational prayer for large families, with a communal room directly connected to the prayer space. The mezzanine system optimizes vertical space, ensuring a comfortable stay for the 7 permanent residents and occasional visitors. Islamic values are reflected in the design details, ensuring a harmonious daily life experience.

Innovative Approach to Tradition

By blending traditional Indonesian elements with contemporary design principles, Distracted House offers a unique architectural narrative. The house’s character reflects the intersection of modern functionality and cultural heritage, creating a space that is both distinctive and inviting for religious and communal activities.

Seamless Integration of Tradition and Modernity

Distracted House stands as a testament to the successful fusion of traditional Islamic values with modern architectural concepts. From the innovative use of vernacular roofs to the functional layout that caters to communal worship, this property exemplifies a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

Photography courtesy of Ismail Solehudin Architecture
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– by Matt Watts