Everything You Wanted to Explore about APKPure

What is APKPure? This website will allow you to download open-source applications, games, and files on Android devices. You can get the apps without using the Google Play Store. However, certain risks are associated with the same. Let us find out how safe APKPure download is.

APKPure – Features, Safety, and FAQs

With the help of this app, you can download country-specific applications outside your residence. The apps that have been discontinued or restricted can also be downloaded here. While the app has claimed that it does verify the apps, it does not adhere to the security protocols. As such, there could be specific vulnerabilities like malware and so on.

When Was APKPure Created?

The application was introduced by the APKPure Team in 2014. The main aim of launching the app was to offer users a broad spectrum of shareware apps. Although the website has security issues, it is regarded as one of the app stores’ oldest and most sought-after alternatives.

Is It Legal?

Although the website is legal, the content on the site may be illegal. There might be cracked or pirated content and apps. If this is the case, the site might be violating copyright laws since such apps may be available here, the presence of which is unknown to the owner. This leads to infringement on intellectual property rights.

The Pull-Back Factor for APKPure

In April 2021, Trojan malware had infected APKPure. This infected users’ devices with adware. Although the issue was identified and resolved quickly, and a new version was released to remove the malware, it was not much help. This is because the Trojan adware had already impacted many devices.

One of the main reasons for this crackdown was that such incidents can occur in the case of any third-party app since they lack robust security, unlike the Google Play Store or App Store.

As such, if you are using the app, do so at your own risk. It is always the best option to download apps only from authentic websites. Also, make sure you use the app permissions with wisdom.

The Pros and Cons

Although it may not be dependable in the case of downloading apps, there are a few benefits that you can enjoy. These are as follows-

1. Flexibility and Availability of Apps

With this site, you can enjoy several apps that are in no way related to Google. For instance, if you wish to stay independent as a developer, you can use sites like APKPure as a third-party platform to make your apps available to users.

2. Access App Version History

Every app that you use here will show the version history. As such, you can access the archive in full and find out the upgrades that have taken place in each version over the years. So, if you prefer a specific feature in an older app version, you can avail of the same.

3. Faster Updates

Even before a new version comes out officially on any app store, you can access them faster. Since most apps are subjected to a lot of testing before they are finally made available to the users, it takes time for them to be released. However, APKPure does not take these tests.

What are the Cons?

Check them out here.

1. Lack of Restrictions

Due to security reasons, many apps are restricted by Google. The search engine giant can identify threats that can eventually be rejected if found harmful to users. However, this site does not have such restrictions in place, which can make it vulnerable for the users.

2. No Age-Restrictions

Mostly, third-party apps do not have any such restriction as far as age is concerned. There may be content that is only suitable for some age groups.

3. Lack of Proper Security

Most of the apps undergo so-called “patch” and “fix” work if vulnerabilities are found to exist. With APKPure downloads, this facility is unavailable, risking your devices further.

In a nutshell, exercising caution and wisdom in such cases is crucial. APKPure may cost your expensive device, which you may only be able to fix sometimes.