Formula 1 Las Vegas Finally Makes It to Las Vegas Strip

According to reactions from the cab drivers, hotel managers, car collectors, mechanics, shopkeepers, and last but not least, the fans, the Formula 1 Las Vegas event was a sure hit.

For instance, as revealed by the Chief Executive Officer and President of Marriott International, Anthony Capuano, Formula 1 Las Vegas is an excellent event for businesses and even more significant for the destination. He also said that their customers just couldn’t get enough of it.

In this write-up, let us learn more about Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023 in the following paragraphs.

Formula 1 Las Vegas – Fast Facts

Let us find out a few questions most people unfamiliar with the event may want to have information about it.

1. Building the Track

The F1 Las Vegas 2023 Formula 1 Season found the drivers tackling and negotiating all new track circuits in Las Vegas. It encompasses the city’s best, including the well-known so-called Strip.

2. What was the Circuit?

The new 6.2km, 17-turn street circuit in the heart of Las Vegas has iconic locations that drivers drive past. These places include the likes of Bellagio, Venetian, and Caesars Palace. Monza, referred to as the “Temple of Speed,” is an anticipation for matching. The circuit promised many twists and turns, plenty of action and overtaking.

3. When was the First Formula 1 Las Vegas?

Earlier, Las Vegas played host to two F1 races. The races took place in 1981 and 1982 at Caesars Palace Grand Prix titles. The city served as a host to the finals of both seasons. In 1981, Alan Jones of Williams and Tyrrell’s Michele Alboreto emerged as the winners, taking the title in 1982. The fifth position in these two years was Nelson Piquet in 1981 and Keke Rosberg in 1982.

4. Best Places to Watch from

The view is not the same from all angles. And this is an event that can be noticed. Given the fact that there was a host of ticketing options, there were VIP packages for the grandstand seating arrangements and the general seating. As such, viewers and fans selected their favorite spaces and places to enjoy the event.

Why was it a Must-Watch?

A huge buzz surrounded the Formula 1 Las Vegas event. A launch event was conducted in 2022 that gave an insight into the forthcoming event. It was widely acknowledged by fans, drivers, and city people. As such, the streets were closed and were challenging to navigate. The fountains were shut off, and the canals were drained. The groundwork took six months to complete, like the construction of the makeshift grandstand.