Horizon House: A Modern Beach Oasis in New Buffalo

Horizon House by dSPACE Studio in New Buffalo, Michigan, is a contemporary beach-style weekend house that redefines luxury living. Designed for globetrotting clients, this two-story sanctuary an hour from Chicago offers a St. Barths-inspired experience on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Experience the unique blend of sophistication and tranquility in this stunning weekend retreat.

Modern house with large windows, pool, and outdoor furniture.

Modern beachfront living room with large windows and minimalistic decor.


Modern living room with ocean view, sectional sofa, and fireplace.

Modern dining room with large white table, chairs, and panoramic windows overlooking the sea

Modern kitchen with marble island, white stools, and ocean view.


Modern hallway with large windows overlooking a beach.

Modern bedroom with ocean view, minimalistic decor, and framed artwork.

Modern bathroom with white minimalist design and sleek fixtures.

Modern bathroom with glass shower, wooden floor, and skylight.

Modern house facade with wooden panels and a person at the entrance.

Modern beachfront house at sunset with pool and outdoor lounge area.

About Horizon House

Welcome to Horizon House: Your Lakeside Retreat

We designed Horizon House for clients who love to travel. They wanted a special place for weekends near Lake Michigan, not far from their main home in Chicago. This house has everything for fun and relaxation: big, open rooms for parties, lots of windows, a gym, a family room, and plenty of bedrooms for their kids and friends.

Where Design Meets Nature

The house stands out with a big glass area on the first floor. We made it look like the second floor is floating above the sand dune. This design lets you see the horizon without anything in the way. The top floor has a special kind of wood called Accoya. It changes color over time to blend in with nature. A unique glass space connects the two main parts of the house. It’s where you find the main entrance and a cool staircase that seems to hang in the air.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The inside feels like a beach house. We used simple colors and materials like white oak and big tiles. These choices make the rooms look calm and welcoming. The floor inside is the same as the one on the pool deck outside. This makes the inside and outside feel like one big space.

On the side of the house away from the wind, there’s a quiet courtyard with Ginkgo trees. It’s a great place to relax. The courtyard has a low, textured wall that looks nice and keeps things private. Lights around the edge of the yard make it pretty at night and help connect the inside of the house with the outside.

Photography courtesy of dSPACE Studio

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– by Matt Watts