‘I Am an Artist’ Takes Young Readers on a Colorful Journey Through Art Mediums


#children’s book
#Doro Globus
#Rose Blake

June 10, 2024

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of David Zwirner Books, shared with permission

Starting in a vast complex of studios large and small, a new children’s book written by Doro Globus and illustrated by Rose Blake introduces readers to a cast of characters with myriad approaches to making art. There’s an artist who cuts and sews scraps of found fabrics, another who waxes poetic about an ocean-smoothed stone, and glassblowers who brave the heat of the kiln to shape supple vessels. Rendered in bold, bright colors, I Am an Artist asks “What is an artist and how do they work?”

Published by David Zwirner Books, the newly released title is the second collaboration between Globus and Blake and follows Making a Great Exhibition, which introduced readers to the more logistical side of an art career that, frankly, is mystifying for many adults. Pick up a copy on Bookshop.


an illustration of an artist with a child and another person looking at a bright colorblock quilt. the text describes being a textile artist

an illustration of of several artists with various objects, including a massive hot dog, costume, mosaic work, and jewelry

an illustration of artists in nature. the text describes being an environmental artist

an child reaches out to an artist while a dog jumps in the middle. text says "what is an artist and how do they work? why do they make things? can i be an aritst? let's find out more!"

an illustration of an artist painting a portrait of two people in front of them. the text describes being a portrait painter

an illustration of glassblowers in a glassblowing studio

a book cover with a child and a dog that reads "i am an artist"

#children’s book
#Doro Globus
#Rose Blake


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