In Sand and Stone, Jon Foreman Sculpts Hypnotic Gradients and Organic Motifs


#Jon Foreman
#land art

March 27, 2024

Grace Ebert

“Aureus” (2022). All images © Jon Foreman, shared with permission

Nature’s subtle irregularities and variations are fodder for Jon Foreman (previously). Using found leaves, stones, and sand, the Wales-based artist assembles swirling gradients and organic motifs that radiate across forest floors and beaches. He precisely arranges each composition by size and color, relying on basic geometric principles to transform a humble material and unconventional backdrop into stunning artworks. Considering the constructions last just a short time before they’re blown or washed away, head to Foreman’s Instagram to see them in pristine condition.


a circular stone gradient work on a beach

“Stone Knitting” (2024)

undulating lines of stones trail across the beache

“Pontis” (2024)

water juts up against an organic stone motif

“Aqua Exemplaria” (2024)

a swirling stone artwork on a beach

“Triplex Motus” (2023)

a white stone spiral that radiates outward on a beach

“Stella Spiralis” (2023)

branches shaped like a helix crawl up a tree with orange leaves around it

“Helix” (2024)

a radiating circular fire-like work on a beach

“Crescents Glow” (2024)

the artist sits on the beach next to a geometric stone work

“Quadratura” (2024)

#Jon Foreman
#land art


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