Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: What are the Secrets?

Kelly Clarkson is making heads turn with her new look. The singer and talk show host highlighted the main strategies that have made her secrets work well. In the paragraphs that follow, let’s find out more about Kelly Clarkson weight loss journey. Here are the top five secrets that have helped Kelly Clarkson on her weight loss journey. Check out the best bets that paid off.


Kelly explains that walking is always underestimated when it comes to weight loss. Studies have shown that if you walk regularly daily, it increases energy expenditure. However, you must do so gradually. The main aspect is consistency when you decide to incorporate walking as part of your exercise regime.

Infrared Saunas

We all know that infrared saunas have contributed to weight loss. This is usually due to detoxification and sweating. However, it is essential to realize that weight loss is due to loss of water. Natalie Burrows, a renowned nutritionist, has advised that saunas alone cannot be a factor in reducing weight. Hydration is essential for weight loss, coupled with a balanced diet.

Having a Balanced Diet

Incorporating a balanced diet has been crucial to Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey. She has been following a diet rich in protein, along with a healthy mix of food. A balanced diet comprises fiber, fats, and protein. We know that fiber is needed for weight loss. With the help of fiber, you can increase satiety and promote thermogenesis, making you feel fuller. Simultaneously, there is a slower breakdown of fat-rich and fibrous food that aids in letting you feel fuller for a longer time.

Cold Plunges

Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey also includes cold plunges. Studies reveal that cold plunges done in the long term might impact body fat through mechanisms that involve burning down calories and enhancing the activity of brown fat in the body.

Occasional Treats

We have often seen that if we restrict ourselves too much in terms of diet, it is something that not everyone can follow. Kelly has been following the 80/20 rule, which has allowed her to have occasional treats. The best part is that experts have supported the idea. It has also yielded results on a long-term basis. The occasional treats will prevent food cravings.

To wrap it up, the Kelly Clarkson weight loss journey can be summarized as follows-

  • Balanced diet
  • Walking consistently
  • Adequate hydration
  • Consistent exercise
  • Flexibility
  • Realistic goals

In a nutshell, the Kelly Clarkson weight loss journey is all about a sensible and sustainable approach to changing your lifestyle. However, you must give priority to the healthy and essential habits. Interestingly, Kelly Clarkson has achieved her weight loss numbers due to improved overall health. Remember that the main aspect is to nourish your body, which will enhance the quality of your life.