Makena: Where Ocean Meets Modern Living in Hawaii

Step into Makena, a stunning contemporary house designed by Walker Warner in Hawaii. This house transforms a single-story space into a private sanctuary with sweeping ocean views and seamless indoor-outdoor living. Using warm wood, steel, and glass, Makena captures the essence of its unique hillside setting by blending effortlessly with the vibrant landscape and nearby lava fields.

Cozy living room with wooden beams, plush sofas, and a large TV screen against the wall.

Minimalist living space with expansive ocean views, natural wood ceiling, and neutral furniture.


Spacious modern kitchen with wood accents, large island, and inviting lighting.

A modern, open-concept dining area with a round wooden table, black chairs, and a unique light fixture overlooking the ocean.

Spacious wood-paneled hallway with large artwork, modern furniture, and panoramic windows.


Minimalist workspace with wooden table, black chair, and framed artwork on the wall.

Expansive ocean view through floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden ceiling and furnishings.

Serene bedroom with wooden walls, minimalist decor, and a cozy hanging chair.

Spacious room with wooden ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and scenic ocean view.

Luxurious contemporary bathroom with sleek wood vanity, vessel sinks, and large mirrors.

A luxurious bathroom with a contemporary design, featuring a freestanding bathtub, large windows, and a bonsai tree.

Stunning outdoor space with luxurious pool, loungers, and panoramic ocean views.

Striking modern architectural design featuring a perforated wood canopy, glass walls, and lush greenery.

Wooden structure with slanted roof, large glass panels, and landscaped exterior.

Striking modern architecture with wooden deck overlooking scenic coastal landscape.

Striking modern beachfront resort surrounded by lush tropical foliage.

About Makena

As you pass through the wall of this single-story home, the neighborhood’s noise fades away. In contrast, a serene courtyard quiets the senses and prepares you for the stunning view of the ocean that awaits behind the front door.

Seamless Design

The house’s layout harmonizes with the hillside, adjusting naturally to the shoreline. Consequently, as you move through each room, you encounter unique views that strengthen your connection with the surrounding landscape.

Harmony of Materials

Inside, a consistent use of wood adds warmth and simplicity to the home. Meanwhile, steel and glass lines subtly dissolve the division between indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the textured concrete interacts with sunlight and reflects the rugged character of the nearby lava fields.

Architectural Choreography

At the roof’s edge, almost imperceptible copper screens perform a delicate dance. They respond to changes in sunlight and rain, capturing the dynamic essence of this light-filled home.

Photography courtesy of Walker Warner

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– by Matt Watts