Mandeville Canyon Residence: 1950s Charm Reimagined

The Mandeville Canyon Residence in Los Angeles, California, reinvents a 1950’s single-family home with a sleek, modern touch by Mnichols Design. This mid-century house, a symbol of Los Angeles’ architectural heritage, now features an open layout brimming with natural light.

Integrating the once-neglected backyard, the residence expands its living space, blurring the indoor-outdoor divide. Redesigned in 2022, it offers grand, daylight-washed rooms that connect seamlessly with the environment.

Modern single-story house with a white facade and landscaped driveway against a hillside

Modern living room with large windows and wooden beams.

Modern kitchen and dining area with large windows and wooden accents.


Modern dining room with wooden table, beams, and sliding glass door.

Modern open-plan living space with dining area, wooden beams, and kitchen.

Modern kitchen with white interiors, wooden accents, and a central island.


Minimalist bedroom with large windows overlooking nature.

Modern bedroom with minimalist decor and sliding door leading to patio.

Modern bathroom vanity with twin sinks, mirrors, and neutral decor.

Modern patio with outdoor dining area and wire chairs beside a white house.

Modern house exterior at dusk with lit interior and patio dining set.

Modern single-story house at dusk with illuminated windows and landscaped front yard.

About Mandeville Canyon Residence

In the heart of Los Angeles, California, the Mandeville Canyon Residence stands as a testament to the enduring allure of mid-century design, reenvisioned through the modern lens of Mnichols Design. Completed in 2022, this modern reinterpretation of a classic structure captivates with its clarity and connection to its surroundings.

A Harmonious Blend of Form and Landscape

The residence greets onlookers with its pristine white facade, a stark contrast to the lush, rolling hills of Los Angeles. Neatly landscaped, the front yard marries Californian flora with modern landscaping artistry, hinting at the thoughtful design that lies within. The bold, black-framed windows and doors beckon, offering a glimpse of the transformation inside.

Illuminating the Heart of the Home

Stepping inside, the living room showcases Mnichols Design’s commitment to light and space. Natural wood beams traverse the ceiling, drawing eyes upward, while expansive windows frame views of the verdant outdoors. The open-plan design merges living, dining, and kitchen areas, each space flowing into the next. Clean lines and minimalist decor underscore the home’s modern ethos, as daylight dances across the soft-hued wood floors.

The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, celebrates simplicity and functionality. A wooden table, surrounded by mid-century chairs, invites family gatherings, while the kitchen’s white cabinetry and marble backsplash exude contemporary elegance.

Intimate Spaces and Refined Details

In the bedroom, tranquility reigns. The plush bedding and neutral palette create a serene retreat, and sliding glass doors erase boundaries, extending peace to the patio. Artful decor and organic textures add a touch of sophistication.

The bathroom continues the narrative of refined simplicity. Sleek fixtures and clean lines provide modern comforts, while the strategic use of mirrors and light maximizes the sense of openness.

Moving to the backyard, outdoor living is redefined. A spacious patio integrates outdoor dining and relaxation, enveloped by nature’s embrace. Here, the residence’s connection to its environment becomes tangible, as the indoors and outdoors merge to create a sanctuary for the senses.


The Mandeville Canyon Residence, with its modern take on mid-century design, stands not only as a dwelling but as a dialogue between time, space, and nature—a harmonious blend of the past and present, set against the canvas of Los Angeles’ iconic landscape.

Photography courtesy of MNichols Design

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– by Matt Watts