Moviesda: An Overview of Tamil Cinema

Tamil Cinema is also known as Kollywood. It is that section of Indian cinema which solely represents the production of movies in the Tamil language. Many web portals will provide a list of Tamil movies regardless of whether they are current or from the yesteryears, Moviesda being one of them.

In this short write-up, let us learn more about the Tamil movies and a few allied aspects of the same in the following paragraphs.

History of Tamil Cinema

The first ever Tamil silent movie was Keechaka Vadham. It was released in 1918, and the movie’s director was R. Nataraja Mudalir. Kalidas was the first Tamil talking feature film. H.M. Reddy directed it. It was released in many languages and hit the theatres on October 31st, 1931.

Entertainment Tax Act Passed

Towards the latter part of the 1930s, the State of Madras legislature passed the Entertainment Tax Act of 1939. Madras, now known as Chennai, became the second base for the Bollywood movie industry and the primary base for the Sri Lankan and South Indian film industry.

Founder of South Indian Cinema

One man who can be regarded as having laid the foundation of South Indian cinema is A Narayanan. He was the one to establish the production company in Chennai (Madras). This production house was known by General Pictures Corporation, also known as GPC.

GPC produced a total of 24 feature films, starting with the inaugural film, “The Faithful Wife” or “Dharmapathini.” It also served as a film school; two prominent alumni include names like Jiten Benerji and Sundara Rao Nadkarni. The GPC studio was in Madras on Thiruvottiyur Road in the Chellapalli Bungalow.

However, during those times, there were no benefits like downloading Tamil movies from websites like Moviesda or

These days, you can find a list of the Tamil movies released in a year, even if you still need to keep track of them. These web portals dedicated only to Tamil movies enlighten you with the knowledge of Tamil cinema.

Moviesda New Releases 2023

In 2023, filmmakers released the following movies, making them available to viewers for the first time on the internet. These are not just Tamil movies, but movies from different genres and languages.

  1. Japan
  2. Va Varalam Va
  3. Aval Pevar Rajni
  4. Conjuring Kannappan
  5. Label
  6. The Archies
  7. 800
  8. Noodles
  9. Hi Nanna
  10. Raid
  11. Naadu
  12. Parking
  13. Animal
  14. Annapoorani

Moviesda is one avenue of getting to know the names of recently released films in the current year. With 2023 a few days from the end, there will surely be newer web portals that will cater to the film-loving audience with information about movies and associated information.