Obi House: Cozy Beach Retreat with Tupi Guarani Inspiration

Angá Arquitetura‘s Obi House in São Paulo, Brazil, offers a cozy retreat by the beach, blending practicality and comfort for the family. Designed in 2022, this house serves as a weekend getaway, featuring various nooks and spaces that capture the beach atmosphere while accommodating daily routines.

The Tupi Guarani-inspired “Obi,” meaning bluish-green, is brought to life through the use of soft tones, diverse textures, and a custom-designed tile feature.

Modern single-family home with wood accents, balconies, and a lush tropical backdrop.

Spacious dining area with wooden furniture, large windows, and lush indoor plants.

A cozy dining area with wooden furniture, brick walls, and a large window overlooking a lush, verdant landscape.


Modern minimalist interior with a person walking through a room with green paneled walls and wooden doors.

A modern kitchen with green cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a large window providing natural light.

Serene bedroom with large window showcasing lush tropical landscape. Cozy furnishings, wood paneling.


A modern pool area with stylized tiled walls and surrounding lush greenery.

Contemporary tropical-inspired architecture with blue facade, wooden balcony, and lush greenery.

About Obi House

Nestled in São Paulo, Brazil, the Obi House serves as a tranquil escape from the city. Designed by Angá Arquitetura in 2022, this vacation home effortlessly combines cozy family gatherings with daily practicality.

Capturing the Essence of the Coast

The house’s name, “Obi,” meaning “bluish-green” in Tupi Guarani, reflects the seamless integration of the blue sea and green forest throughout the design. Soft tones and diverse textures create a serene atmosphere, while the custom-designed OBI tiles, featuring motifs of the sea and mountains, add a unique touch.

Tailored for Family and Friends

With five suites, a TV room, and an integrated living and dining area, the Obi House caters to the needs of families and guests. The layout is designed to minimize unnecessary corridors, utilizing every square foot (0.09 square meters) efficiently.

Functional Outdoor Spaces

The terrace features a large counter spanning the entire width, housing a barbecue, beer cooler, and pizza oven, making it the perfect spot for alfresco gatherings. Additionally, the rectangular pool is designed for water polo, a favorite activity for the homeowners.

Seamless Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Living

The living room seamlessly connects to the veranda, creating a fluid indoor-outdoor experience. The dining table can extend into the veranda when needed, enhancing the connection between the kitchen and the outdoor entertaining areas.

Thoughtful Layout and Zoning

The ground floor is thoughtfully organized into three distinct zones: the social area with the pool and barbecue, the service areas on the left, and the private quarters towards the street. The carefully considered layout ensures practicality and privacy for the homeowners.

Versatile Spaces for Work and Leisure

In addition to the living and entertaining areas, the Obi House features a dedicated office space on the second floor, allowing the homeowners to seamlessly balance work and relaxation. The office’s sliding door ensures privacy during meetings or focused work sessions.

Attention to Detail and Sustainability

The Obi House prioritizes cleanliness, practicality, and sustainability. The second-floor terrace houses water tanks, photovoltaic panels, and air conditioning units, demonstrating the designers’ commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

Overall, the Obi House is a harmonious blend of coastal charm, functional design, and family-centric living, offering a serene retreat for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Photography by Paola y Renato
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– by Matt Watts