Residence BNV: Elegant Renovation Harmonizing with Urban Fabric

Residence BNV in Montreal, Canada, designed by Alexandre Bernier Architecte, offers a soothing and calming atmosphere through its softened forms and materiality. Showcasing a harmonious integration within the existing urban fabric, the renovation emphasizes the sensual elegance of the curved facade and centrally positioned staircase, creating a light-filled interior with blurred spatial boundaries that enhance the surrounding urban landscape.

A modern brick building with angular facade, large windows, and a lush lawn in the foreground.

A modern, minimalist kitchen with black cabinetry, wood accents, and a curved staircase.

Cozy living space with elegant wood furnishings, modern lighting, and lush greenery.


A bright, minimalist dining room with a wooden table, wicker chairs, and lush potted plants.

Modern staircase with curved wall, white globe lamp, and potted plant in minimalist interior.

Airy, minimalist interior with white walls, large windows, and natural wood accents.


Minimalist bedroom with white brick wall, large window, and wooden furniture.

Stately stone building with ornate facade, inviting entrance, and surrounding greenery.

About Residence BNV

In the heart of Montreal, the Residence BNV project by architect Alexandre Bernier offers a captivating blend of softness and luminosity, seamlessly integrating into the city’s urban fabric. Rather than standing out ostentatiously, this renovation transforms a typical L-shaped building into a harmonious and calming oasis.

Softening the Corner, Embracing the Interior

The characteristic red brick facade, a quintessential element of Montreal’s backyard aesthetic, has been reimagined with a gentle curve that softens the corner transition, creating a sense of embrace and protection for the interior courtyard. This subtle yet impactful design choice sets the stage for the soothing atmosphere that permeates the home.

A Luminous Interior Sanctuary

Step inside, and the space transforms into a tranquil sanctuary, bathed in natural light from the large skylight that illuminates the centrally curved staircase. This sculptural element evokes a sensual voluptuousness, inviting one to ascend to the living room on the upper floor and the terrace overlooking the alley, offering a seamless connection between the interior and exterior.

Blurred Boundaries, Harmonious Contrasts

The bright, pale, and white-toned interior creates a harmonious backdrop that enhances the furniture, objects, and paintings, while framing the urban landscape visible through the openings. The carefully curated furnishings and accents strike a balance between the softness of the architecture and the vibrancy of the surroundings.

A Contemplative Secret Garden

Connecting the vintage garage/workshop to the main residence is a glass walkway that surrounds a small inner courtyard, transforming it into a contemplative secret garden. This verdant oasis brings light and air into the space, adding depth and a sense of seasonal connection to the interior.

A Cohesive Retreat in the Heart of the City

The Residence BNV by Alexandre Bernier Architecte is a remarkable project that showcases how thoughtful design can create a cohesive and soothing retreat within the bustling urban landscape of Montreal. By seamlessly blending softness, light, and harmonious contrasts, this residence offers its inhabitants a calming respite from the demands of daily life.

Photography courtesy of Alexandre Bernier Architecte
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– by Matt Watts