Sony a7S: Why Is Getting this Mirrorless Digital Camera Worth It?

If you want a powerful mirrorless digital camera, you should get your hands on the Sony a7S. This model features a BIONZ X image processor and a 12.2 MP Exmor CMOS sensor. It maintains high-quality still images and video with low noise, expansive dynamic range, and extended sensitivity to ISO 409600. 

An Overview

Since its release in 2013, the Sony a7S has become an instant favorite among photographers and non-photographers. Its unique full-frame sensor trades resolution for superior light-gathering capabilities. The Sony a7S’s USP is its low-light capabilities. Therefore, you can capture amazing pictures in low-light conditions. It keeps the noise levels in check, which is mostly preferred by music and documentary shooters. 

Another upside of using the Sony a7S is that it does not necessarily need to scale down an image to generate 8 MP (4K) or 2 MP (Full HD) video images. Therefore, you can quickly get a detailed picture and fewer image artifacts in a7s than higher-megapixel cameras. The a7S camera is loaded with valuable features.

Features and Specifications

Let’s discuss a few of the main aspects of the Sony a7S camera to fully understand how having this gadget will be a good investment for you.

Body Design

The Sony a7S has a sleek and compact body design, a bright electronic viewfinder, and a large rear LCD monitor. The rear Xtra Fine LCD has a tilting design (down 45 degrees and up 90 degrees) that can work from low and high angles. In addition, the Sony a7S’s WhiteMagic technology enhances brightness for better viewing in sunlit conditions. To shoot at eye level, its 0.5’’ XGA OLED electronic viewfinder utilizes 2.36 million dot resolution and 0.71x magnification to ensure precise monitoring capabilities. 

BIONZ X Image Processor and Exmore Sensor

The BIONZ X image processor and 12.2 MP full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor of the Sony a7S work together, enabling an expansive range with notable sensitivity and minimal noise. Sony a7S has a native sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 102400, which is perfect for working in low-light conditions. 

The sensor of Sony a7S also comes with a new-generation RGB color filter array and a gapless on-chip-less design. These two technologies ensure efficient light-gathering capabilities to reinforce high-sensitivity and low-noise design. The anti-reflective coating on the seal glass of the image sensor decreases glare and surface reflections, ensuring color-neutral and contrast-rich imagery. The effective combination of BIONZ X Image Processor and Exmore Sensor in Sony a7S adds many performance-related benefits.


Sony a7S features an excellent audio department, along with a headphone jack, microphone input, and better preamps. It also comes with audio meters, and you have the option to change its audio levels as and when needed. Sony has also added an additional shotgun and XLR mic accessory, which communicates with the Sony a7S through a feature called hotshoe. 

Excellent 4K Video Recording

The Sony a7S’s lower-resolution sensor is specifically designed for video recording. It also has a full-sensor readout without line skipping. Hence, whether you record externally in 4K or internally at 1080p, you are bound to see a sharp image devoid of major aliasing and moire. Therefore, the Sony a7s 4k recording is impressive.

For example, if the high-quality 50 Mbpa XAVC S Codec is not enough, the Sony a7S has the option of uncompressing UHD 4K at 4:2”2 color depth over HDMI. This feature makes Sony a7S 4K recording easy and efficient.

High-Speed Video Recording

Apart from the 24p/30p/60i recording formats, the Sony a7S can also record at a higher frame rate to ensure slow-motion playback. You can record 1080p video in 60p using the entire sensor of Sony as7. In the case of 720p, 120 fps is possible where a maximum of 5x slow motion is enabled. So, with the Sony A7S, you are supposed to record different quality videos at high speed. 

Screen and EVF

The small screen on the back of the Sony a7S is quite detailed and sharp. It also has amazing color reproduction. You can quickly view it from low or high angles, as it easily flips down and up. Sony’s exceptional EVF comes with a large, detailed screen that works perfectly. 

Customizable S-Log2 Gamma and Color Profiles

Sony a7S can utilize an extensive dynamic range during video recording due to its customizable gamma controls and color profiles. As a user of this camera, you can adjust color, knee, black, and gamma levels. Sony a7S also features the S-Log2 Gamma Curve, mainly seen in high-end Sony Cameras. This Gamma Curve ensures 1300% more dynamic range in the video signal. This is how you get enhanced post-production flexibility in video recording. 

Flexible Timecode Options

Sony a7S features several timecode recording options to work with various workflows. The standard ‘Record Run” mode of Sony Alpha 7S advances timecode while recording. On the other hand, its ‘Free Run’ timecode advances when you do not record anything, which is an excellent feature for synchronizing several cameras at some live events. Using Sony a7S, you can also record timecode in both non-drop and drop frame modes. This camera can output a timecode via HDMI while recording.

Live Video Overlays

The Sony a7S’s live video overlays feature benefits professional videographers greatly. Its real-time visual overlays include focus peaking to aid in zebra markers, manual focusing, and determining overexposure. You also get the audio level overlay to mix audio. It also comes with focus magnification to check critical focus. These features are available in both LCD and viewfinder displays. 

Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC

Another great feature of the Sony a7S is its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to share images online via email, cloud storage, or social networking. It also comes with Near Field Communication or NFC, enabling the one-touch connection between Sony a7S and other compatible mobile devices. Once the connection is set up, the link mobile device can effectively display live view images on the screen. It can even remotely control the camera’s shutter. 

You can also use the PlayMamories app via this built-in Wi-Fi connection. It lets you personalize various features of the Sony a7S for particular shooting styles. This camera can also be utilized for motion shots, time lapses, sports, detailed close-ups, portraits, etc. 

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Other Additional Camera Features

Apart from the above-described features and functionalities of the Sony a7S, there are some additional features. A few of these features are described below for your convenience. 

Picture Effect Modes

The Sony a7S features various picture effects modes, including HDR Painting, Soft Focus, Soft-High Key, Toy Camera, High Contrast Monochrome, Partial Color, Retro Photo, and Pop Color. You can use any of these modes to add additional picture effects. 

Create Style Settings

A few such settings available with the Sony a7S are Sepia, Black & White, Autumn Leaves, Night Scene, Sunset, Landscape, Portrait, Light, Deep, Clear, Neutral, Vivid, and Standard. One can use any of these settings according to their preference. 

Picture Profile Parameters

You can choose from Reset, Copy, Detail, Color Depth, Color Phase, Color Level, Color Mode, Knee, Black Gamma, Gamma, and Black Level in Sony a7s

Auto Object Framing

This feature automatically creates compositions involving still-life subjects and portraits. It makes photography and videography with it easier and more efficient. 

Face Detection

This feature of Sony a7 s is available to ensure better precision by effectively maintaining critical focus on the subject’s eye. 

Playback Modes

The Sony a7S features multiple playback modes, such as enlarged display mode, image orientation, panorama scrolling, slideshow, folder selection, and Y RGB histogram. 


Sony a7S has many pros and benefits compared to similar cameras in this price range. Being small and compact, you will find it easy to handle. It will make you want to shoot. The abundance of professional features and specifications makes it your first choice. Among all the features, the beautiful film image and impressive low-light capabilities make it the best USP. Compared to its pros, this camera has very few cons to consider. So you have all the good reasons to go for it.