Sun Ranch: A Peek Inside Byron Bay’s Eco-friendly Retreat

Discover Sun Ranch, a Californian styled eco-hotel by Balanced Earth Architects in Byron Bay, Australia. Designed in 2023, it combines ’70s nostalgia with sustainable luxury over 55 acres. This retreat features stylish guest suites, off-grid barns, and innovative sustainable practices, making it a pinnacle of modern hospitality and eco-friendly design.

Vibrant red-walled room with plush sofa and eclectic decor.

Wood-paneled kitchen with stone bar and bamboo blinds.


Contemporary bathroom with red tiles, circular mirror, and wooden accents.

Modern bathroom with blue walls, yellow tiles, and a skylight.

Rustic cabin interior with exposed beams and a wood stove.


Warm-toned bedroom with sleek design, opening to a balcony.

Contemporary single-story house with large garden and deck chairs.

About Sun Ranch

A Fusion of Nostalgia and Eco-Friendly Design

Nestled in Byron Bay’s pastoral elegance, Sun Ranch, designed in 2023 by Balanced Earth Architects, emerges as a haven of sustainable luxury. A 55-acre Californian-inspired eco-hotel welcomes guests with recycled timber ranch architecture, striking a harmonious balance with the lush hinterland. The exterior, awash with golden hour warmth, opens to an oasis where design meets nature.

Chic Interiors That Echo the ’70s Soul

Inside, the journey starts with an inviting living space characterized by earthy textures and a retro ’70s flair. Verdant plants juxtapose with the recycled timber beams, leading eyes to the cohesive, open hearth. Natural light floods through generous windows, accenting vibrant fabrics and terracotta tiles underfoot. Transitioning into the red-hued room, plush furniture in bold maroon invites guests to sink into luxury. Contemporary art and vintage vibes meld, setting a stage for relaxation or social gatherings.

The Heart of Sun Ranch: Functional Elegance

The narrative flows into the kitchen, where warm wood finishes and ambient lighting exude a hospitable allure. Here, sustainability doesn’t compromise style; the off-grid solar living powering this welcoming space is as seamlessly integrated as the homey décor brimming with character. Beyond, the intimate settings of the bathrooms pair vibrant tiles with the natural wood’s richness, reiterating the eco-hotel’s commitment to aesthetics and eco-friendliness.

In the bedrooms, comfort is kindled by soft lighting and a soothing palette, complemented by direct access to nature’s embrace through large windows. An understated luxury prevails in each 2-bedroom barn, from the cozy fireplace to the artisanal touches. Finally, the guest steps back into the open air, where the expansive green lawn and the distant horizon promise a serene retreat at Sun Ranch—an architectural masterpiece where every detail counts.

Photography by Anson Smart
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– by Matt Watts