The Barn: A Fusion of Archaic Charm and Modern Design

Experience the allure of The Barn, a 2023 architectural masterpiece by Ferranti Schnell Arkitecten, nestled in the heart of Taunus, Germany. This mountain house uniquely combines modern and rustic elements, perched on a steep slope with captivating views of a nearby castle. Designed for an art collector, it’s not just a home but a vibrant venue for events, featuring a spacious hall with a central fireplace and an upper-level private retreat.

The Barn stands as a testament to innovative design in picturesque surroundings.

Modern A-frame house with large glass facade during twilight.

Modern room with large bookshelf, art piece, and designer table.


Modern attic room with exposed wooden beams and large windows overlooking nature.

Modern room with wooden slat wall, minimalist furniture, and neutral colors.

Modern bathroom viewed through an open door with minimalist decor.


Modern wooden house with a sloping roof and a landscaped front yard.

Modern wooden architecture with slanted roofs against a cloudy sky.

About The Barn

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation at The Barn, a mountain house masterpiece designed by Ferranti Schnell Arkitecten in 2023. Located in the enchanting Taunus region of Germany, this home embodies a modern, rustic ethos that complements its serene surroundings.

Architectural Elegance Amidst Taunus Terrain

The Barn’s exterior captivates with its steep gabled roof and expansive modern windows. The natural wood siding, traditional in its essence, juxtaposes the sleek glass, forging a connection between the home and the historical tapestry of Taunus. A large picture window acts as a canvas, showcasing the golden hues of the setting sun reflecting off the castle’s majestic silhouette.

A Portal to Refined Rusticity

Stepping inside, the entryway reveals a minimalist design with a playful splash of color from a red accent piece. The smooth, clean lines guide you to the main living space where functionality meets aesthetic simplicity. Here, a wooden slat partition subtly divides the room, maintaining an air of openness while defining distinct areas within the expansive layout.

Harmonious Living Quarters

Ascend to the private sanctuary above, where wooden beams crisscross the ceiling in a geometric dance of natural warmth. The interior, bathed in light from the generous windows, provides a tranquil space to retreat and rejuvenate. In the main hall, a large table sits surrounded by an array of chairs, inviting conversation beneath modern chandeliers, while a vibrant art display adds a contemporary edge to the rustic backdrop.

Photography by Davide Pellegrini

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– by Matt Watts