The Loop: Exploring Alexis Dornier’s Spiral Masterpiece

The Loop, designed by Alexis Dornier in 2023, redefines living spaces in Pajangan, Indonesia. This residence epitomizes freedom with its spiral design, integrating lush jungle views. Combining concrete, wood, and stone, it offers a unique, fluid living experience.

A modern, curved structure with a pool, balconies, and lush tropical greenery surrounding it.

Modern tropical villa with wooden ceilings, concrete steps, and inviting pool area.


Expansive interior with wooden beams, spiral staircase, and lush outdoor views.

A cozy and serene bedroom with a canopied bed, wooden ceiling, and lush forest views.

Luxurious bedroom with wooden ceiling, canopy bed, and dramatic lighting accentuating the space.


Warm-toned room with rustic wooden ceiling, textured walls, and a cozy bed setup.

Warm, wooden lobby with recessed lighting, stone counter, and window overlooking greenery.

A distinctive circular building surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

Modern, tropical-inspired architecture with curved roofs, wooden accents, and a reflection pool.

Curved wooden architecture with illuminated outdoor pool and lush greenery.

A modern, low-profile house blends seamlessly into a lush tropical landscape.

About The Loop

A Journey into the Heart of Architectural Innovation

In 2023, Alexis Dornier undertook a groundbreaking project in Pajangan, Indonesia, called The Loop. This residence reimagines living by defying traditional forms. Tasked to transcend ‘box living,’ Dornier envisioned a home that embodies liberty and connection with nature through a striking figure 8 configuration. This layout promotes a seamless flow and dynamic perspectives within a lush setting.

Harmony with Nature in Every Design Element

At the core of The Loop is the integration of natural materials—concrete, wood, and stone. These elements reflect the jungle’s depth and vibrancy, ensuring the home not only complements but enhances its green backdrop. Each material was carefully chosen to craft a modern, sophisticated domicile that resonates with the spirit of the surrounding wilderness.

Overcoming Challenges with Creative Solutions

Constructing The Loop was a venture into complexity, demanding ingenuity at every turn. Dornier and his team faced the task of bending materials and solving intricate geometrical challenges. Their solution: a harmonious blend of artisan skill and architectural innovation, paving the way for a structure that appears to float effortlessly above the terrain.

A Collaborative Effort for a Personalized Experience

Close collaboration with the clients was pivotal. Their involvement in selecting materials and shaping the design infused the project with a sense of personal touch and ownership. The result is a space that deeply connects with its occupants, offering each individual a tailored experience of tranquility and immersion in the natural world.

Living Spaces Redefined

Strategically positioned atop a steep incline, The Loop stands as a sculpture of lightness and grace amid the jungle’s embrace. With thoughtful landscaping, the line between architecture and nature blurs, creating an oasis where every room presents a story, every angle unveils beauty, and every moment is an invitation to explore and dream.

From its inception to completion, The Loop showcases the boundless potential of imaginative architecture when coupled with a dedication to eco-conscious living. It symbolizes a step forward in designing homes that are not just places to live but sanctuaries that inspire and liberate.

Photography by KIE
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– by Matt Watts