The Windsor Residence: Capturing Breathtaking Vistas in Los Angeles

Situated atop a steeply sloping site in Los Angeles, California, the Windsor Residence showcases the innovative design of AUX Architecture. This captivating house seamlessly integrates an existing retaining wall, overcoming the challenges of extreme topography, poor soil conditions, and a limited budget. Comprising two distinct masses, the home’s double-height living area delicately balances on the retaining wall, while a single-story bedroom wing interlocks, creating a striking L-shaped section.

Modern, minimalist exterior with large windows, concrete steps, and lush vegetation.

Sleek, modern interior with warm wood accents, minimalist furniture, and a cozy canine companion.


Modern open-concept living space with wood-paneled walls, sleek furniture, and panoramic city views.

A cozy modern dining room with wooden ceilings, sleek furniture, and a stunning city view.

Minimalist living space with wooden shelving, black leather chair, and large window.


Minimalist bedroom design with sleek metal bed frame, wooden accents, and abstract artwork.

Minimalist architecture with large sliding glass doors revealing a modern bedroom.

Elegant modern bathroom with sleek wood cabinetry, large tub, and lush outdoor view.

Sleek modern home with glass walls, balcony, and lush landscaping creating an inviting outdoor space.

A modern architectural design featuring clean lines, concrete steps, and a balcony.

About The Windsor Residence

Soaring Views and Seamless Transitions: The Windsor Residence

Perched atop a steep hillside in the heart of Los Angeles, the Windsor Residence commands breathtaking vistas of the San Gabriel Mountains, the Silverlake Reservoir, and the glistening skyline of downtown. Designed by the innovative team at AUX Architecture, this contemporary masterpiece seamlessly integrates the existing landscape, creating a harmonious interplay between indoor and outdoor living.

Embracing the Terrain

The home’s strategic placement on the site capitalizes on the dramatic topography, with the double-height living area delicately balanced atop a retained wall, a remnant from a previous structure. This thoughtful design decision not only overcomes the challenging terrain but also enables the creation of a private covered outdoor living area, providing a serene contrast to the sweeping city views.

A Harmonious Interplay

Stepping inside, the home’s interior design seamlessly weaves together the architectural elements, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. An oak “liner” wraps the walls, ceilings, and stairs, defining the various spaces and guiding the eye through the home’s open floor plan.

Culinary Sophistication

The kitchen, bathed in natural light, showcases a stunning blend of modern and natural materials. Clean-lined cabinetry and a sleek white countertop provide a refined backdrop, while the warm wood tones of the ceiling and floating shelves add a touch of organic elegance. Pendants with a industrial-inspired aesthetic complete the sophisticated design.

Serene Sanctuary

Transitioning to the private quarters, the bedroom is a true oasis of tranquility. Expansive windows flood the space with natural light, while a plush sectional sofa and a cozy armchair create a cozy reading nook. The ensuite bathroom, finished in a soothing palette of gray and wood, features a freestanding tub and a sleek glass-enclosed shower, providing a spa-like retreat.

Seamless Integration

Throughout the Windsor Residence, the design team has masterfully blended the home’s architectural elements with its natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and visually striking living experience. From the dramatic exterior staircase to the thoughtfully curated interiors, every detail of this remarkable property reflects the owners’ love for modern design and their appreciation for the stunning California landscape.

Photography courtesy of AUX Architecture
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– by Matt Watts