TR 102: Inside West Hollywood’s Premier Luxury Residence

Discover TR 102, a luxury house in Los Angeles, United States designed by Emanuele Svetti in 2015. This West Hollywood residence showcases large glass walls, an infinity pool with downtown views, and a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, elevating modern architecture to new heights.

Contemporary home with glass balconies and sleek lines.

Modern living room with large windows overlooking a garden.


Chic interior with backlit shelving, sleek furniture, and glass walls.

Modern kitchen with large windows overlooking a city at night.

Contemporary dining room with circular pendant lights and wine wall display


Sleek living area with panoramic city view and indoor-outdoor design.

Contemporary living space with panoramic city view and open glass walls.

Modern interior with bar counter overlooking a pool area.

Modern outdoor seating area with two chairs by a pool and reflective glass building.

Modern house with extensive glass walls and minimalist design at dusk.

Modern house with large glass windows at dusk.

Modern house with open living space and pool at twilight.

About TR 102

Revolutionizing Luxury Living: The TR 102 Project

Emanuele Svetti crafts a masterpiece at TR 102, nestled in the prestigious Hollywood hills. This residence, born from a profound friendship, showcases a blend of remarkable architecture by McClean Design and Svetti’s distinctive eclecticism. With the awe-inspiring backdrop of Los Angeles, the home features grand glass walls and an infinity pool, promising unparalleled views of Downtown.

Entering TR 102, one is greeted by marble walls leading to an impressive living area. Here, the transparency of glass walls and the presence of water elements guide visitors, immersing them in light and elegance. Svetti’s design philosophy shines, integrating living spaces with Ernesto Meda’s kitchen and Henge’s metallic lighting, all complemented by a soft, chromatic palette. This careful selection of materials and art pieces captivates, offering guests a moment of wonder.

The residence exemplifies the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. The architectural simplicity maximizes the breathtaking vistas and pool view, with sliding glass walls extending the living space outdoors. On the lower level, this harmony continues. A lush green area, featuring water stretches and an artificial waterfall, provides an immersive outdoor experience. Moreover, a custom-designed lounge bar and a state-of-the-art multimedia room cater to entertainment needs, ensuring moments of leisure are spent in style.

Completing the residence is a unique garage, doubling as an Art Gallery. Here, the owner’s exquisite car collection and artworks are displayed, hinting at the identity of the celebrated owner.

TR 102 not only represents a luxury residence but a testament to innovative design, where every element harmonizes to create an experience of sophistication and serenity.

A Sanctuary of Design and Innovation

Emanuele Svetti’s TR 102 transcends traditional home concepts, merging luxury with functionality in an elegant showcase of modern living. The intelligent use of space, combined with avant-garde design elements, sets this residence apart as a beacon of contemporary architecture and interior design excellence. In TR 102, every detail contributes to an atmosphere of lightness and luxury, redefining the essence of a home in the heart of Los Angeles.

Photography courtesy of Emanuele Svetti
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– by Matt Watts