Why is Xresolver Controversial? Impact on Online Gaming

This database service tracks gamers’ IP addresses and gamertags on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. For gamers who often compete online, the data provided on the website can be a genuine frustration, even if it is legally permissible since it is freely accessible. Also, Xresolver provides a service that allows customers to pay to permanently erase their IP address from the record (referred to as “a lifetime”). Doing this is not advised. Gamers’ IP addresses and links to Gamertags and online profiles are stored in Xresolver, a database and website open to the public. Sharing it on a public website is not strictly forbidden.

The fundamental problem is that the person who wants to know whose IP address matches your specific profile is probably not interested in helping you, be it on PC, PS4, or Xbox. Other than your friends, who would want to know your IP address? A hacker can violate computer security.

How are you going to use Xresolver?

Due to its attractive user interface, Xresolver is easy to use and efficient. If you are having trouble using it, the actions listed below will help you get it working again.

  • Visit the official Xresolver
  • Visit PlayStation Resolver or Xbox Resolver to see how your game performs (choose the relevant option).
  • Enter the “Xbox Gamer tag” to convert it to an IP address. Alternatively, you can change the Xbox Gamer tag to an IP address by using “IP address.”
  • The choice to “Resolve” is the next stage.
  • Now that the procedure is complete, you can change IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags and vice versa using the same procedures.

As you would expect, when you enter it to resolve, the gamer will undoubtedly convert to the IP format. The same is true for the PlayStation. Enter your PSN username to see if it will switch to IP.

How can you change your IP address to protect yourself?

Since your internet supplier assigns your public IP address via its DHCP server, you won’t be able to change it. However, you can change the IP address of your laptop or computer. If someone overruns your home’s web connection with a thousand bots, local methods for altering your IP address won’t work. Add a fresh public IP address to the mix. Resetting your router briefly may be the easiest and fastest way to return online. If your NBN box has a 4 G backup, you may also be able to detach and reconnect it, but you must ensure this is the case with your connection.

A reliable VPN provider can assist you if you are experiencing problems working it out independently. Hiring a hacker to help you is not necessary. Keep your cool when playing online games with strangers. Remain balanced and mindful of your gaming mates at all times. Although DDoS assaults can be dangerous, there are ways to avoid them, so don’t freak out if it ever happens to you.

How Does XResolver Function?

  • During this phase, you simply need to locate the desired user on your Xresolver Xbox console, so go ahead and unwind. When you click on their data, you will see their Gamertag details. Kindly copy the publicly available ID and insert it there.
  • Navigate to the website and read the form requesting the Gamertag IP. Once you have pasted it in, select the resolve option. You can also use an IP address instead of a Gamertag to get this information.
  • When you click the Resolve button, the website’s database searches for the IP address. Since you may only sometimes succeed, you are free to try different strategies.

A controversial database service, Xresolver, keeps track of players’ IP addresses and gamertags on various platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It offers players a way to pay to have their IP addresses removed from its databases, but it also raises security and privacy issues in online gaming communities. The service’s user-friendly interface allows users to convert gamertags to IP addresses and vice versa. However, masking one’s IP address for security purposes can take time, needing technical know-how or help from a reliable VPN operator. Staying alert and cautious is crucial when navigating online gaming settings in the face of possible dangers like DDoS assaults.