Woodland House: A Modern Eco Home in Devon by AR Design Studio

Discover Woodland House, a bespoke contemporary house in Devon, England, designed by AR Design Studio in 2022. This real estate gem is a modern escape into the tranquility of rural life, blending energy efficiency with elegant design. Crafted to be both a cozy haven for two and a spacious holiday home for family, Woodland House exemplifies the perfect balance between modern living and natural beauty.

Modern, black-clad building set against verdant landscape, with sleek angular design and expansive windows.

A modern black-clad house with large windows overlooking a grassy lawn and trees.


Sleek, minimalist kitchen with large island, floor-to-ceiling windows, and modern decor.

Sleek, minimalist kitchen with floor-to-ceiling window offering scenic outdoor view.

Sleek, modern bathroom with large window offering views of lush greenery outside.


Modern black rectangular structure with large windows surrounded by lush greenery.

A modern, angular black structure with large windows amidst lush green foliage.

Striking modern design with clean lines, large windows, and a lush green landscape.

About Woodland House

Introducing the Woodland House

In East Devon, the Woodland House emerges as a modern testament to architectural elegance and sustainability. Completed in late 2022 by the acclaimed AR Design Studio, this house marks a couple’s transition from London’s frenetic pace to the serene embrace of rural Devon. Their quest for a high-quality, energy-efficient home culminates in this contemporary masterpiece.

Design That Embraces Nature

Nestled within a clearing surrounded by Forestry Commission conifer plantations, Woodland House enjoys the best of both worlds. Summer reveals an intimate setting enclosed by lush woodland, while winter months offer expansive views down the valley. Biodiversity takes center stage in the garden’s design, boasting meadow wildflowers and woodland perennials.

A Home of Thoughtful Volumes

The residence divides into three distinct volumes, each serving a unique purpose. The two-story central volume, alongside its single-story wings, creates a spatially efficient layout. This design accommodates quiet living for the couple and welcoming spaces for family visits, optimizing energy use across changing needs.

Architectural and Material Harmony

Woodland House’s angular geometry echoes the natural contours of its setting. Diagonal larch cladding and meticulously executed detailing accentuate this harmony. Internally, the house features vaulted ceilings and a bespoke plywood kitchen, contributing to a dynamic living environment. Engineered oak flooring and a timber-clad staircase enhance the material continuity within.

Sustainability at Its Core

Beyond aesthetics, sustainability defines the essence of Woodland House. Its sculpted roof is prime for photovoltaic panels, and an air source heat pump system reinforces its commitment to energy efficiency. Achieving an ‘A’ EPC rating, the house demonstrates significant self-sufficiency, achieving 60% energy independence annually.

Woodland House stands as a beacon of modern, energy-efficient design, tailored to its inhabitants’ lifestyle while paying homage to its wooded surroundings.

Photography courtesy of AR Design Studio
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– by Matt Watts