Xiqué Boutique Hotel: Innovating Hospitality with Local Materials

Discover the Xiqué Boutique Hotel in the heart of Oaxaca City, Mexico. Designed by Estudio Carroll in 2023, this hotel stands as a beacon of modern architecture and sustainable design. With eight luxurious rooms, a ground-floor restaurant, and a rooftop terrace featuring a pool with panoramic Pacific Ocean views, Xiqué Boutique Hotel marries environmental sustainability with cultural preservation. The use of local materials and innovative design principles highlights Estudio Carroll‘s commitment to creating spaces that inspire and connect with the community.

Striking adobe-style structure with intricate wooden beams and balconies amidst lush greenery.

An unusual, modern, adobe-style building with circular openings and lush greenery on the rooftop.

Warm-toned, earthy interiors with arched entryways, rattan furnishings, and textural lighting.


Rustic dining area with arched windows, lush outdoor view, and textured curtains.

Warm, earthy tones, natural materials, and textured lighting create a cozy, rustic ambiance.

A tropical, open-air dining area with organic shapes, textures, and natural materials.


Rustic outdoor seating area with hanging light fixtures and lush greenery.

A cozy, nature-inspired indoor-outdoor living space with tropical foliage and wooden accents.

Cozy bedroom with large window overlooking lush tropical landscape and palm trees.

Spacious bedroom with large windows, curtains, and a balcony overlooking lush greenery.

Cozy, earthy-toned bedroom with arched alcove, wooden furnishings, and pendant lighting.

Rustic beach resort with open-air lounge, palm trees, and panoramic ocean view.

Rustic wooden beams and columns, cozy seating area with potted plants, outdoor terrace.

Wooden deck with lounge chairs overlooks a sunset view, surrounded by greenery.

Outdoor lounge area with stairs, railing, and sunset landscape, showcasing architectural design.

A stunning architectural design featuring intricate wood paneling, lush greenery, and vibrant colors.

About Xiqué Boutique Hotel

Redefining Elegance with Environmental Conscience

The Xiqué Boutique Hotel, nestled in the vibrant landscape of Oaxaca City, Mexico, is a testament to modern architecture’s power to harmonize with nature. Designed by Estudio Carroll in 2023, this hotel spans 6,674 square feet (620 square meters) on a plot of 2,992 square feet (278 square meters). It beautifully marries luxury with environmental sustainability across its eight meticulously crafted rooms, a restaurant, and a rooftop terrace that boasts a swimming pool with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Principles of Design: Sustainability at its Core

With a forward-thinking approach, Estudio Carroll implemented three key design principles: orientation, airflow, and environmental sustainability. The hotel’s south-facing façade is a strategic choice to shield guests from the intense heat, while its west-facing rooms capture stunning sea and nature views. The design ensures a seamless flow of movement and functionality, complementing the natural surroundings and optimizing guest comfort. The innovative use of palm bone doors and grilles facilitates a natural ventilation system, creating a refreshing indoor environment that reduces the need for artificial cooling.

Embracing Nature-Based Solutions

The project’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in its landscape design and selection of materials. Preserving the site’s native trees allowed for the creation of an expansive green space featuring wetland systems, which play a pivotal role in wastewater management and biodiversity enhancement. This lush garden not only serves as a serene oasis for guests but also underlines the hotel’s role in local ecological conservation.

Local Materials Reflecting Culture and Sustainability

A thoughtful selection of locally-sourced materials showcases the rich cultural heritage of Oaxaca. The building’s surfaces are adorned with “chukum,” a locally popular earthy pink material known for its cooling properties and waterproofness. Palm bone, prevalent in the region, adds texture and depth to the façade and interiors through lattice work, doors, and railings. Additionally, legally harvested “macuil” wood lends an elegant touch to the interior design, while clay slabs cover the outdoor flooring, enhancing the hotel’s aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly ethos.

Architectural Fluidity Honoring the Landscape

The hotel’s design maximizes living space while preserving the site’s natural vegetation. Its form, inspired by the feminine shape, showcases architectural fluidity and visual elegance. This unique silhouette not only complements the natural topology but also symbolizes the harmonious blend of innovation and tradition that defines the Xiqué Boutique Hotel.

Through its thoughtful design and sustainable practices, the Xiqué Boutique Hotel emerges as a modern sanctuary that respects its cultural context and natural surroundings – a perfect retreat for those seeking luxury with a conscience in Oaxaca City.

Photography by Cesar Belio
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– by Matt Watts